Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm kind of in a bad mood...

This lack of internet thing has been harder on me than I thought. I'm surviving, but I've clearly missed the mark on blogging. The problem is that I haven't been using my home computer much since it's not live, which also means I haven't been uploading photos and then transferring them to the work computer for actual bloggage...

Translation: BlogFAIL. I've become what I despise: spotty blogger. Drat.

Oh well.

And in other news, I shoveled for 2 hours yesterday and I'm not sure if my arms have separated from my shoulders because I'm alternately pained and numb from all the heavy lifting. After said shovelling, all additional plans/chores for the evening were completely ignored as I lay in bed bemoaning my sorry state and drinking various malt beverages. Therefore this morning I have forgotten to mail my house payment for the 3rd day in a row, and possibly won't have the present I promised Ryan in the mail to Timbuktu in time for his V-Day party. Double suck. I'm just mad at myself all over.

And have I mentioned I did our taxes and we owe Uncle Sam around $2,000?

Start clicking on these ads people, or we'll be featuring homeless crafts next.

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