Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flashback: Fiesta Crafts from the Vault

Hubby and I lived for a short time in the tiny little town of Walker, Minnesota. Have you heard that name before? Perhaps you are even attending this weekend's International Eel Pout Festival, which draws 10,000 (drunk) people to the ice. Sometime today they'll all stagger back to their real lives in Eagan and Wayzata, leaving a huge mess and a population less than 1/10th of that behind.

I didn't love living in Walker, let's be honest. I tried it, it wasn't for me, and I moved on. But damn, they had a great little Mexican restaurant. And that little Mexican restaurant had a great little pollo wrap. Mmmm. I miss that sandwich and it's bacony-chicken goodness. And every year that Mexican Restaurant had a Cinco de Mayo celebration, with which came a pinata contest.

Yeah, couldn't pass that up.

Year one was fairly impressive:

This guy is about 2 feet across. That's honest to goodness paper mache, the skeleton being a giant "punch ball" balloon with an accordion folded strip of cardboard for the "rays", all wrapped up in layer after layer of newspaper strips and flour paste. It took forever to dry so I had to do a bunch of thin layers, but it came out awesome. Then I decorated the front with tiny scrunched squares of bright crepe paper, dipped in white glue. That took WEEKS, at which point I ran out of time and totally phoned in the back. Oh well, I still got 2nd place. :)

My attempt the next year was much less exciting, though I did actually finish it:

The base was just a really big balloon, and my focus was more on the decoration (that technique with little paper squares takes FOREVER!) The "basket" is basket weaved crepe paper, and would have been way cooler with a strange little assortment of figures peeking out, maybe like these guys.

So if you ever go up there, and these are still hanging around (7-8 years later?), feel free to toss some interesting action figures into the basket. And don't look at the back of the sun, it just ruins the illusion. And also try the fried ice cream banana split, though they only have bananas once in a blue moon.

Cinco de Mayo is about 10 weeks away, which means this is the perfect time to start your pinata if you want to finish it strong! I can't say I really understand the holiday, but crafts + margaritas win me over every time.

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