Tuesday, May 01, 2012

If you got her via the MayDay "follower fest", welcome. Uh...er...hi. *Shuffle, shuffle, stare at the floor*.... I'm Heather. I'm in the process of riding out my last few weeks in the workforce, and then I'll be staying home with my 16 month old, referred to here as TC, or The Cupcake, so my current attentions are focused on that transition. WILL WE MAKE IT? WILL MASSIVE DISASTER ENSUE? WILL LIFE BE LIVED IN ALL CAPS FOREVERMORE??? Stay tuned to find out! I used to throw a lot of parties including an epic annual Halloween event - you can use the labels in the menu at right (scroll down below the bucketlist) to browse some of those projects, and potentially I'll be doing that again someday... Most of that is off the table for a while while I adjust to momhood, and now stay-at-home-momhood and it's sister MASSIVE POVERTY. I'm still doing occasional creative stuff - a craft here and there, a costume for an event, baking, home projects, etc. I have a bucket list that is perpetually growing, and every once in a while I cross something awesome off it and share the story here - click on the highlighted ones in the list at right for some of my adventures. I don't have a real blog plan at this point, I just document various aspects of my life. Such as:

Stealthy ninja things The Cupcake did in the 5 second intervals during which my back was turned yesterday:

1. started swinging the 2' wood & glass framed Bob Dylan portrait on the wall like a pendulum. Bob is now temporarily hainging out in the kitchen. At some point, I'm just going to pad the walls and go for full on sanitorium decor. (don't worry, I'll be sure to document it on Pinterest).
2. silently opened the front closet (which is hard for ME to open due to old knobs) and started unpacking jackets and vacuum parts
3. ...I already forgot the third one since she was such a smooth criminal...or because I'm losing my mind. **
4. ripped out her ponytail holder 10 bazillion times. If I can't "palm tree" her terrible Trump hairstyle until it grows out, I'm kind of out of options...she won't tolerate barretts or headbands at all.

In other fashion news, these pants (B-day gift from Al, who has WAY more style than I do) kill me:
Mint green glitter cordoroy. From GAP. This kid dresses so much better than I do...Butterfly boho top was a gift from Auntie Em.

She is currently sitting on the floor tearing up a Dell catalog and calling all the people in it "Mama" and "Dada". She knows Norm, Moon, Ball, Snake, BubbaGump the Pink Babboon - but Mama and Dada she is totally messing with us on.

Hugging Norm. Her first word were night-night and Norm. I'm just glad she doesn't call him any of the names WE usually refer to him as...and why does HE get hugs and we don't?!?!

** I remember #3! Out of nowhere the tiny sheister shoves something shiny in her mouth and tries to run away - the clear tip off it was NOT supposed to be there. Once she was subdued and searched Dada found a 2" silver safety pin in her yap. AACK!

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