Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Yes, I'm awarding myself gold stars now. I need them.

Gold Star #1: Dropped off a carload of goodies at the JBF sale in Woodbury last night, fingers crossed everything sells and I don't have to drag it back! I could especially use the funding right now, and I'm pretty happy with the carload of stuff that is just no longer impeding my movement around the house. My "craft room" is fairly destroyed still, but SOMEDAY IT WILL BE USABLE AGAIN!

I'm having a mega crabby day with dumb work crap, trying to let it all roll off with "it won't matter much longer" but dear god, I could use a Dove bar. Gold Star #2: A lot of swearing in all caps/symbols and asterisks, but I have yet to slap anyone or growl out loud. That's totally considered a win today.

Gold Star #3: has yet to be earned, but I get at least 3 today, dammit.

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