Thursday, May 10, 2012

A random collection of events making up a day

I baked a cake today for hubby's b-day! It was not pretty and I did not take a photo, but I did eat a giant whack after dinner and it was fantastic. I get a gold star for that too, especially since I had to entertain TC while whipping it up. Chocolate with vanilla frosting is my favorite, I'm definitely looking forward to eating it for breakfast all weekend.

I also took The Cupcake on a couple adventures including down to the JBF sale in Woodbury. I didn't buy anything, and was actually kind of appalled at the mess a lot of people left (who fills giant bags at consignment sales and then just abandons them in corners of the arena? There were TONS of these! That means people's stuff won't get sold because someone was a douchebag and basically took it off the sales floor! Jerks!). Anyways, I'm happy that I appear to have sold some stuff so far, and I'm proud I didn't buy anything, but I'm hoping it picks up the next couple days and none of my stuff was dumped in those abandoned bags!

Then we headed over to Target to pick up Grandma's mothers' day gift, and rounded the trip out with some Pizza Hut pasta from the snack bar. The only snafu was me thinking I'd save time and effort by NOT bringing the diaper bag in to Target, and then ending up without a bib or wipes during the lunch process. Let's just not linger on the germs that were probably ingested. Lesson learned, the wipes travel with the baby at all times.

Then we went out to Famous Dave's for hubby's birthday, and somehow I forgot a bib AGAIN and the kid ended up covered in BBQ sauce (even though she didn't have anything in's just in the air apparently).

Tomorrow I work 1/2 day, and then I'm down to my final week (which is really just 2 1/2 days!). It feels like it's not quite real and I'm waiting for some big emotional impact, but one thing I've noticed is as my schedule opens up, I'm forgetting which day it is more and more often. I think (hope) it's less about losing my mind and more about the freedom from obligation. But I could just be nuts too.

Currently Reading: STUFF: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things and it's pretty interesting. Its a fairly scientific explanation of hoarding from one of the first psychologists to really study the phenomenon and a lot of really interesting stories - if you like the TV shows, you'd probably like the book (I'm about halfway through, so subject to change).

And that random stream of thoughts was my day - bring on the weekend!

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