Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesdays - Firsts

We are in a string of firsts - my first week as a stay-at-home-mom, and by extension our first trips and adventures that will eventually become boring old everyday occurrences but are currently exciting and new to both of us. Right now each day I don't go to work feels like such a gift that everything new qualifies as a favorite first.

Today was our second day of Ladies of Leisure and I decided we'd better get used to not spending any money (or driving around wasting gas), so we took a trip to the playground, a walk around the neighborhood, and then came home to test out our new toy.

First day with The Cucpake's new water table.

 It was easy to set up (I actually did it in the house yesterday and she played with it dry for a long time). If you read the reviews on Target.com a lot of people complain that the "waterslide" made of those colorful pieces isn't secured, it's just stacked. That's true. She knocks it over immediately. I don't care. I bought it for the base, not the toys. And for the price ($29) this was a great deal. We have plenty of other toys to dunk in the table.

Such as the tiny Tupperware pitcher she filled up and dumped IMMEDIATELY on her head, before I even blinked:

She sputtered, laughed at herself, blew her nose, and then did it again.

That Dr. Pepper isn't hers, it's mine but just like the Plums Baby Food yesterday, she grabbed on to it on our walk and wouldn't let go for an hour and a half. Apparently it makes a good (free) water toy too.

Soaked! Luckily I HAD grabbed a towel before we started, but I was a little bummed the fun didn't last longer - after she drenched herself she immediately started shuddering and shivering (though it was pretty warm out) so we packed it in and called it a day. Lunch, Nap, and time for me to catch up on bills. Even that is a "favorite" - organizing our new lives, around our schedules.

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Nikki said...

Congrats on the new job as a SAHM! My daughter also has a water table and she LOVES it! She always ends up drenched too. ;)