Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Potties and Procrastination

Awesome Tuesday Accomplishments:

1. Trimmed TC's talons (fingernails AND toenails!)
2. Bought a new toilet seat and installed it all by myself
3. Started entering tags for the next JBF sale (May 10-12 in Woodbury) at which I hope to unload much stuff

All the other stuff on my "to-do" list yesterday? I told it to take a hike. TC was in an EXCELLENT mood, and even had a few rare episodes of cuddliness which severely outranked running errands. My new life has fewer deadlines, or maybe I'm just realizing now that all of life has fewer deadlines - sure, it would be great if I dropped off that load of crap at the consignment shop today...but is it that much worse if I do it tomorrow? I'm not going to be seriously damaged by a little procrastination, and in fact the benefits abound. I got to cuddle with my snookums for OVER AN HOUR which has never happened. She's been in constant motion since she started walking in November, and other than the 5 minutes it takes to read a book, she doesn't like to sit in my lap for long. This morning it was kinda chilly and quiet and gray, and I pulled her up on to my lap  and wrapped her in a blanket and we watched Hulu on my Nook. Yes, I know that's "screentime" for a child under 2, and yes, you are free to judge, but damn it felt great to just veg with her.

Then I chased her around the living room for a few hours, so we got our exercise too :) She was full of laughs, and all the errands can be saved for tomorrow. The only semi-deadline was on the toilet seat, needed to get that situation solved before we had guests again, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Also: New toilet seat has a magical magnetic potty seat attachment:

Yep, that is my life now - well, will be sometime in the next year or so, so when evaluating all the glorious options in toilet seats these days I figured might as well go for the whole shebang. It "removes easily for cleaning or storage" and magnetically attaches to the lid unless you pull it down specifically, so shouldn't be in the way (and would be way less in the way/icky than having an actual potty chair to empty, so I'm hopeful). Plus it has "whisper close" technology, so it won't slam down like the previous one did. Taking the old one off sucked more than putting this one one, and looking at the disgusting state of my bathroom up close was the most painful.

But I'll save the cleaning for another day.

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