Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Worry...

In case you were annoyed by my happy mood yesterday, don't fret - I went home and started to read a memoir of a woman with ALS, and then caught up on this blog I'd been reading since just before TC was born. That was quite enough heartache for a while, so today we're back to happy.

TC had another awful night, not sure if we're still cursing teeth or she just likes to mess with us, but we've had a rough few nights in a row. Luckily when she woke up for the day she was all smiles and we've had a great (if overwhelming) morning.

So far today I killed a spider, force fed TC 2 meals, spent 2 hours setting up a new account at the credit union (screw you, Wells Fargo. Charging me $15 a month after being a great customer for 15+ years! Shame on you!), picked up some essentials at Costco, mailed a package at the post office, and made a deposit at the evil bank until I can get all my auto debits re-routed.

And I did it all with a maniac toddler at my side.


Errands are definitely adventures these days, but it feels very good to get things done. And it seems to have worn out lil Cupcake as well, she went right down for her nap and is on her way to a good one. I've been able to catch up on MadMen and Game of Thrones, so I've had my fun too. And a $.57 fountain Coke from Costco goes a long way towards a sunny disposition as well :)

And now, back to budgeting and menu planning...

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