Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feathering the Nest - Dining Room

Somehow the list of things to accomplish before the B-bomb (aka, infant) drops into our lives is getting longer each day, and both my funding as well as energy to complete them are dropping drastically. Ruh-row, to quote the great Scooby Doo. I'm beginning to think I'll never finish another project again...

But that doesn't stop me from starting them :) Last week I ordered a cute little dining room table set, nothing elaborate, but it met my lean criteria of being 1. cheap, 2. counter height (aka - above the dog's tongue...until he jumps), and 3. $0.97 shipping (meaning I didn't have to wrestle it into my car).

I sat down to put it together this weekend, and once I had pried open the box of course I found all the hardware spilled out loose and bouncing around the gigantic carton, which also had some major holes and punctures. I was sure half of it had fallen out along the way, so I started counting up screws and washers, and somehow, everything was still accounted for...except the table top had a huge crack around the apron where the wood had clearly split when the holes were predrilled. Boo! Fail! Daggnabit!

I snapped a few photos and sent them with an email to the replacement parts department right away, but they're only open M-F and on Pacific time, so no word back yet. Hopefully they are cool. I still put together all of the chairs (got to strike while I have energy!), and I really like them, so hopefully they'll send me a new table top ASAP!

One of our goals with the B-bomb is to cook more, and eat as a family, so getting a dining room table was a big first step towards that. The hubby and I actually have never had a dining room table that we sat down to eat at in our 10+ years together, but lounging on the couch in front of the TV is not the example we'd like to set if we can help it. The research on family dinners and healthy kids (both physically and mentally/socially) is overwhelming, so this was pretty high on the list.

Now I just have to learn to cook. And like more than 4 foods myself...

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