Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Old Wives' Tales: Gender Prediction

So, before I find out who was right and who was wrong, and what kind of bits appear to be where, permit me a few more moments of intrigue.

Here's what "they" would say I'm having, based on the oh-so-scientific field of random baseless wisdom passed down through the ages:

Cravings: Sweet = girl, Sour = boy. I've always had a sweet tooth, and while that has somewhat continued (i.e. the chocolate cake, kit kats), the real change has been in my desire for sour things - Sunkist lemonade by the case, sour patch kids, sour watermelon gummies...I'd have to lean boy on this one.

Carrying: High = girl, Low = boy. I'm not totally sure how to judge this one, but Al says I'm low, so by this one we also go boy.

Morning Sickness: Less = girl, More = boy. Clearly boy. Urp.

Skin: Girls "Steal Your Beauty" = assuming I had some to start with, and since I am now a broken out pizza face, this one could go girl.

Chinese Gender Chart: I took two of these, and got one result either way - the first one said boy, the 2nd one (which did some "Chinese age correction") said girl. When I go back and try to find them, I get a million websites who want to spam me or make me register for something, so I'm not linking to any of them. And the results are a wash.

Karma: I'm (not so secretly) rooting for a girl, mostly because I'm already familiar with that owner's manual, so to speak. So I'm pretty sure it will be a boy, just to keep me on my toes or kick me in the teeth. And because I have a house full of glitter and feather boas and other traditionally "girlie" stuff. Its for this same reason my kid will probably be a brat, since I've spend so much of my life annoyed by other people's little monsters.

Conception Month: Dr. Angelo Cagnacci (Modena, Italy) discovered in a baby gender prediction research project (2003) that conceptions in September, October and November (and especially in October) bring more boy births, while conceptions in March and April (especially in April) bring more girl births. (source). This would mean higher likelihood of girl.

Mother's Weight: the same scientist above concluded that mothers under 119 lbs are more likely to have girls. This would NOT be me :) = Boy.

Some other study I read somewhere on the web said that 71% of mothers guessed their baby's sex correctly. I've always had a "feeling" this was a boy.

You have just a few more hours to vote, and for the love of my sanity, stop saying it won't cooperate! I'm not above downing a vast amount of sugar, binging on caffeine, or doing cartwheels if kiddo won't flash the goods.

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Carin said...

won't it be Karma that its not going to cooperate?

did you do the hold a needle on a string over your belly test?
some of the girls in my lab did this one....not sure of the 'rules', but maybe you can find something online??