Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grand Superior Lodge = neither grand nor superior.

I did, in fact leave my phone charger at the lodge this weekend. The lodge we spent at least$500 at when factoring in the 2 night stay, restaurant visits, and gift shop purchases. The lodge with zero soundproofing between us and the reception hall beneath our room, to the point that we could easily identify each song the DJ played during the weddings BOTH nights of our stay. The lodge with zero soundproofing between adjoining rooms as well, such that I fully expected the crying baby on the floor above to fall through our ceiling at any moment.

When I called, and was told they had found my charger, I was relieved and offered to pay shipping for it's return, honestly expecting them to tell me no problem and I'd have it in a few days.

So much for Minnesota Nice.

I was told there was a $15 minimum fee for shipping anything.


Is $15 a huge inconvenience? Probably not. But after all that we had spent, how overpriced that seemed for the amenities we received (sleepless nights, mediocre food, waitresses bickering with bartenders and one announcing to the room "Oh, Blow it out your ass!") and the clear lack of recognition of this as a customer service opportunity and cost of doing business in the hotel industry, I was pissed. And very surprised.

Had my charger not been obsolete due to age, I could have picked one up for less than $15. I believe the whole phone was $20. And above all else, I'm just incredibly irritated that after all I spent and what little was received at this resort, that they were willing to gouge my pocketbook once again. My charger would have cost about $3 to mail. Even if you shoved it in a flat-rate box, which the post office would deliver to you and pick up again, it wouldn't be more than $9, and that's for a much larger box than necessary. The staff time involved should at the very LEAST be considered part of maintaining the business relationship.

Instead, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. We were polite during our stay because the bride & groom have a special place in their hearts for this location, but had we been vacationing for any other reason we would have left midway through the first night as the music pounded away beneath our beds. As much as we love the North Shore, this is one resort to cross off our list permanently - Grand Superior Lodge, you have certainly lost my business, and I could never recommend you after these experiences.

I bought a new phone for $29. I think I might tell them to shove the charger up their @$$es.

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