Thursday, August 26, 2010

The bets have been placed, and the winner is....

For the first few minutes I was terrified that you "uncooperative" voters would be right. When we arrived for our 8am ultrasound, the little booger was fast asleep, and showed no signs of revving it up to flash the goods. So the tech started with the measurements and other official stuff (that was supposedly the "real" reason we were there - and all of that is good!) and after a lot of poking and prodding, the child became pretty ticked off. Here it is flipping us off (seriously!):

And after a few nice profile shots, here's the babe sticking out their tongue (not sure I see it, but the tech pointed it out so it must be true):

I'd say that she takes after my husband so far.

Catch that? Yup, I said SHE! Ha ha suckers, the vast majority of you (okay, and me) were dead wrong! She eventually got annoyed enough with the pushing of the US wand to move into a good position, and before the tech even announced it I saw the tell tale lines (thank you Internet, for teaching me what to look for) and blurted out "GIRL!?!" I have to admit I wasn't expecting it, even if I was hoping a little. The hubby would like me to include that he was right all along. Regardless, we're thrilled, relieved that all the key parts are accounted for, and looking forward to meeting our little spitfire.

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