Monday, August 30, 2010

The fear of being boring...and the lady who didn't wear pants.

I had big plans to make some fabulous ensemble to wear to GaGa...

and somehow 4 months flew by, I exploded out of all of my "real" clothes, put a death grip on any frivolous spending (I hear these infant things get pretty expensive), and lost 90% of my energy and endurance.


Yesterday I had a momentary panic realizing that the concert is TONIGHT and I have nothing to wear! My book club compadres are all receiving A+ scores for creatively stitching and combining odd fabrics into what I am sure will be hilarious and fun arrangements, but my situation is a little complicated:

1. I'm huge. Even the clothes I *thought* would still fit (i.e. the random plus-size halter I was counting on from Torrid), don't, as of last night. Hmmm.

2. I'm weak. The idea of standing for hours is already killing my back, and that's before figuring in any sort of cute shoes (I've never sat in a VIP section before, but I'm just figuring we'll be on our feet the whole time again, sadly.) But cute outfits NEED cute shoes. I can't wear a vintage inspired dress with chunky new balance sneakers! My only comfy sandals are brown, but all my outfit choices are black...I have some chunky Mary Janes but even they kill my back after a while if I'm standing. Pregnant ladies + cute shoes = not my reality. But I don't want to spend the whole time worried about my back and not having fun. Hmmm.

3. I'm broke. There is no last minute shopping spree option on the menu, nor any real time to do so.

4. I'm out of time. I'm also working all day today and will have less than an hour to get ready, so as Tim Gunn would say, this is a "make it work moment!"

I'll let you know what I came up with tomorrow...don't hate me if it's completely boring, I'll take photos of people dressed much more boldly to make up for it.

“A year from now, I could go away, and people might say, ‘Gosh, what ever happened to that girl who never wore pants?’ But how wonderfully memorable 30 years from now, when they say, ‘Do you remember Gaga and her bubbles?’ Because, for a minute, everybody in that room will forget every sad, painful thing in their lives, and they’ll just live in my bubble world.” - Lady GaGa, via Vanity Fair Daily, The 10 Strangest Lady Gaga Quotes from That New York Magazine Piece

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Anonymous said...

I say wear your tennis shoes! You have to be comfortable! have Fun, can't wait to see the pictues!