Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am off oogling my baby's junk this morning (in addition to having some sort of important measurements and developmental testing, but we all know finding out the sex of your zygote is the real fun - if not an acceptible reason for the insurance company to cover an ultrasound), and since so many of you jerks are voting it will be uncooperative in this endeavor, I think I'll just keep it a secret for a while. Ha, take that Internet. Or the 3 of you who might care a little...

In the meantime, here's a super fun and partially related project I've got in the works:

When we stumbled upon the open house, here's how the room that would eventually become the nursery was staged:

The wallpaper was a cream/yellow with a small floral print:

And the valances matched:

We set it up as a guest bedroom, but since most of our guests actually stay in the basement (pull out couch, big screen TV, separate bathroom) it didn't get much use other than storage and we never bothered with updating (or taking photos of) it until now. A couple weeks ago I cleared out most of the closet, de-cluttered the non-baby friendly crap, and shoved all the remaining furniture to the center of the room in anticipation of tearing down the wallpaper and repainting for the little one. I have actually never painted a place in which I'd lived, and aside from a short experiement helping a friend, I've never painted a wall at all. I definitely haven't torn down wallpaper, and was pretty much expecting the worst - layers of painted over wallpaper, or plaster walls crumbling without the wallpaper holding them together like fondant...who knew what was lurking under the cheery tiny tulips?

I had planned to use these kind of kits that I had watched on QVC or the DIY network or something and was won over by, but I was waiting for the $$$ to invest in them. In preparation I had taken all of the switchplates off, and around the lightswitch there was some "extra" hanging paper.

I gave it a little tug.

The whole sheet came down!

In a matter of an hour, I had done this:

With no tools, no water, and just a little tugging, it all pulled down in long strips:

And the walls underneath were not falling down! In fact, they seemed to be in pretty good shape! They're an ugly powder pink that we will still be repainting, but I breathed a big sigh of relief:

This was all the same weekend I had my little nesting fit, so I felt quite accomplished. I've just got to fill a few nail holes, decide on a paint color, and we're ready to roll!

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Alison said...

The pink was an omen!