Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Little Touchy...

I am not a "touchy feely" person. I am not a hugger. I believe firmly in the concept of personal space. That whole cliche "Mom, he's touching me!" cry from the backseat of the family car was something I uttered until I was about 16. This has only been amplified since my sense of smell went radioactive and my hormone levels have surged to nearly uncontrollable levels.

I am definitely NOT the kind of pregnant woman who welcomes belly grabbers.

In fact, other than dear sweet Alison, who asks so sweetly you can't bear to tell her no, I'm surprised anyone even tries to rub my bump. Especially people who know me.

But after our first larger family gathering since the establishment of said bump occurred this weekend, it is clear that I have a bump-grabbing family. Action must be taken. Short of slapping hands or installing a joy buzzer, here are some of the other options I've found:

$25, babybubbleclothing

I appreciate the snark, but it could backfire as people step up to actually read the message. Maybe something with a bigger graphic?

$20, mamamonkey

Hmmm, that might not be direct enough. How about:

$26, JellybeanApparel

But then, do I really need to be so polite?

$30.99, TeeWit

Now that is MUCH more of my sentiment...unfortunately, I've never been a fan of CafePress quality, and the price is a bit extreme for what essentially is an iron on.

Perhaps I'll have to actually do my own crafting? Can I still do that? It's been so long...I wonder if I could justtify buying a Yudu for the sole purpose of making one t-shirt? :)


Alison said...

I resist with strangers, so I have to ask when it's a BFF. :) I think you need a t-shirt with sparkles, so I definitely vote that you make your own.

Brooke said...


Make as many 'Hands off!' t-shirts as you want. You DO own a bedazzler, yes? Sparkles aplenty!