Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NOLA Costume Ideas: Mardi Gras Ball

I'm a sucker for feathers. And sparkles. And headdresses. And drag queens. So it's no surprise that Mardi Gras Ball costumes keep catching my eye. Is there a better way to celebrate a festival of excess than an over the top ensemble?

The keys to a Mardi Gras Ball costume include:

Excessive Collars - think of these as a backdrop for your face. They're not super comfortable, and you lose some of your peripheral vision (I wouldn't recommend driving with them on - assuming you could even fit into a car) but they definitely make a huge impact, such as this king and queen duo:


Elaborate Headpieces - whether you are inspired by Vegas showgirls, Carmen Miranda, or Lady GaGa, a fabulous fascinator or haute hat is a staple of this look. Excellent example:

source - with lots more great costume photos on her blog

SPARKLES! Are there any little things in this world happier than glitter, jewels, and shine? I find it imperative to wear something with sparkle every day, but Halloween/Mardi Gras clearly call for a bit more volume. Crowns, jewelry, scepters or wands, trim and appliques really bring your look to life:


Makeup & Masks: Masks are a popular symbol of Mardi Gras as really easy to find at party stores or even customize on your own. There are a million different styles - full, half, Venetian, tie on - and even more looks to choose from. I love how a mask really makes you feel incognito, like you really are trying out an alter ego.



But if you don't like having your face physically covered, you can always use makeup to achieve a similar effect:

source and makeup list

Popular themes seem to involve royalty, the traditional colors of violet, green, and yellow, and often a hint at the risque nature of mardi gras. So whip out your old bridesmaid gowns, a glue gun, and some Xmas garland and go to town. As long as you go overboard, you're doing it right.

These people act like every day is a Mardi Gras Ball:

Lady GaGa

Dame Edna


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