Thursday, April 01, 2010

Drumroll Please...

With the help of an uber-talented geek-minded friend who prefers to remain anonymous, this blog has now migrated over to MY VERY OWN WEBSITE!


WHOO HOO! It's the next step in my (slowly) unfolding empire, and I'm extremely excited! I don't have a complete roadmap for where I'm going with all of this yet(and I'm still holding out for that call from Intel), but watch for a few more surprises coming soon. Or eventually. :)

As a side effect the search function seems to be disabled, I'll look into it next week. In the meantime you can scroll all the way down and use the keyword labels on the right, or the "recent posts", that seems to be working okay still.

1 comment:

Carin said...


also, I haven't looked at your list in a while.
I also would like to go to a live Rocky Horror Picture Show.
and the more costumes, the better :)