Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TC Terrors - Boys like Roller Derby Too...

Now that Blogger seems to have calmed itself down and started accepting photos again (apparently it was a system wide problem, even popular blogs had to deal), here are those few shots I got from the Men's Derby last weekend:

In comparison to the two female leagues we've seen, I'd have to say it was different but quite fun. I loved the small venue (which happens to be the same roller rink I frequented as a child). It was our first time sitting track side, and though we didn't "catch a derby boy" (you still have to give them back) we definitely felt close to the action. And there was a lot of action - it was much less controlled than the ladies, with a constant air of chaos that was very exciting. Lots of pile ups:

Sadly, my camera battery died pretty early on, so I didn't get any great shots of the egregious fashion errors on the track. You'll have to take my word about the blue metallic hot pants and leopard print Lycra shorts - and let's just say neither were worn by gladiators.

This was the final bout of their season (black - the "Destruction Workers" won by a landslide over the blue "Skate Paulie Boys") but I'd definitely go back next season. And beer was only $3, as opposed to $6+ @ the bigger venues!

The crowd was comprised mostly of rollergirls, which also probably added to the atmosphere. At halftime a strange band of very skinny men dressed as ninjas played, but since their mouths were covered by their ninja suits, I couldn't make out a word they sang. They also had red laser pointers on their heads, like headlamps for spelunking but with red bulbs. I would think this counteracts any ninja stealth the rest of the outfit provided, but clearly I have not studied the (art? trade?)ninja rules.

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