Friday, April 02, 2010

Raging at Ru...

Ryan tried to explain the awesomeness that is RuPaul's Drag Race to me a while back, but I didn't really get it till I caught an episode this season.



But seriously folks, this show is like a hilarious mash up of Project Runway + America's Next Top Model, powered by drag queens. They start each show in their male personas (including Ru, who is looking rough as a man these days but still makes a FINE lady), do a couple challenges that are sometimes funny and sometimes fall flat, but then they have a larger challenge that so far has been pretty entertaining. The show wraps with a runway performance, where the queens show off their AMAZING self-styled makeup, wigs, and costumes, and of course a lot of attitude. The bottom two are singled out, "Lipsync for their Lives", and one is told to "sashay away." I'm in love.

Or, I was...

till they sent my favorite competitor home this week. Sniff.

Pandora Boxx has the BEST drag name of the bunch, hands down. She wasn't afraid to use humor:

...that's her doing a hilarious Carol Channing for celebrity challenge - while all the other girls chose young hot celebs like Britney, Beyonce, and Pink; Pandora wasn't afraid to sacrifice a little pretty for the laughs.

But speaking of pretty, DAMN! She does woman WAY better than I do (as I sit in my sweatshirt, jeans, and no makeup, eating cookies and swilling Dr. Pepper...).

I hate shaving my legs, let alone all the extra those fellas must be trimming...but I digress...Here's Pandora's alter ego, Michael Steck:

Pandora/Michael was sent home, and I may have yelled at my TV for a while, but I'm guessing she'll pop up again somewhere - possibly a show of her own? It appears Steck is also a writer, and I'd love to catch Pandora's live show. My interest in the rest of the contestants on Drag Race is sort of blah now, but I'll probably keep watching if only to complain and second guess...

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