Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Romp in the Swamp" - Louisiana Theme Costume Ideas

A few people have started to ask, so just to get the wheels turning, here is an early brainstormed list of costume genres to inspire you before the 2010 "Romp in the Swamp" party (our 4th Annual Halloween Extravaganza!). I plan to do some more in depth round-ups as we get closer, but hopefully this plants a few interesting seeds in your mind:

Vampires - New Orleans is the center (or more accurately, centre) of vampire culture and lore, including the setting of the famed Anne Rice novels, among many others. Whether you prefer your vampires Dracula-esque in Victorian finery, or much more modern day - there is a TON of room for interpretation and uniqueness with a vampire costume. Since I embrace all things sparkly, I still love this one I featured last year. Of course, since I intend to go as a vampire hunter this year, you'd best beware :)

On a related note, the series True Blood (books & HBO series) also takes place in Louisiana - there are a host of exciting characters you could impersonate. My personal favorite is Pam's disco night look:

If you show up looking like Eric, I doubt I'll kick you out...and though I hated her character, Evan Rachel Wood's Vampire Queen had some epic costume moments.

Voodoo - another famous dark undercurrent running through NOLA, home of Marie Laveau and numerous other practitioners of the dark arts. A voodoo priest/priestess, doll, or victim could all be fun. Along the same train you can think gypsy, psychic, tarot reader...Check out a great voodoo doll and priest here. Also this one is makeup heavy, but would be pretty easy to accomplish:

(And if you want to see something really scary, check out the blog I found the photo on here)

Mardi Gras - the holy grail of sparkles and bling. If you google "mardi gras" you'll see just about anything goes at the festival of excess, from flashy carnivale style show girls to jesters and other royals to revelers buried in beads. There are a ton of resources for purple green and gold accessories, masks, and beads. I know that no children will be around, but let's try to keep the flashing to a minimum. ;)Also don't be afraid to take a cue from Lady GaGa - a costume doesn't have to be a specific "thing," just put together some fun pieces + a mask and you are ready to let the good times roll - like this ensemble that just calls to me:


Bayou - I know that Deliverance technically takes place Georgia, but I think the scary backwoods swamp feel works for N'awlins too. It conjures up images of hillbillies (super bonus points if you have a banjo), gators, gator wrestlers, swamp creatures...

Culture - Jazz (musicians, instruments, jazz funerals, marching bands), Food (shrimp, King Cake, Bourbon). Love this amazing crayfish costume made from foam and fabric:


Politics & Current Events - WhoDats, Saints, FEMA trailers, abandoned & duct taped refrigerators. Check out a whole album of Katrina-themed costumes here, such as this commentary on NOLA getting SCREWED:

As always, as long as you have some semblance of a costume on, I don't care if it matches the theme or not - but it's always fun to see what people do with the idea. Last year the bar was set pretty high, so I hope y'all find this year as inspiring. :)

(for future reference, I'm using the label "NOLA" for posts related to the 2010 party)

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It's just me :) said...

Love your ideas! We are doing the same theme this year and I am attempting to make something similar to that voodoo doll costume. I look forward to "stalking" your other party ideas. :)