Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Lovin'

This year it seems that we have skipped straight from winter to summer, a very non-Minnesotan turn of events, but one that I'm enjoying immensely. In previous years we've still had snow on the ground at this point (I'm hardly exaggerating...an end of March snowstorm is very common), but this year was the first in "modern record" that no snow fell on the Twin Cities in March - leading us in to an early and dramatic spring. Temps have been in the 60's and higher fairly consistently, should be in the mid 70's today, and it's definitely brought on a wave of spring fever.

This past weekend was my first in a long time with ZERO commitments and it was glorious. I feel like I relaxed and "did nothing", but I actually got a lot accomplished as well:

- We grilled. I highly recommend the cheddar bacon burgers from Rainbow or Byerly's. Mmmm.

- I moved all my sweaters and winter clothes into storage, then completely cleaned and re-oganized my closet. I tossed all of the clothes that "sorta" fit into the yard sale pile. Ditto with shoes.

- I finished THREE books. One each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Pure indulgence.

- We opened windows, and Norm & I basked in the sun on the couch while reading above mentioned books and listening to my entire ipod playlist. I also burned candles and hopefully cleared the "winter of dog" mustiness from the house.

- I painted my toenails sparkly red. Bring on the sandals! I actually tried to wear sandals last week but it was still really cold in my office, so let's hope today is better. Double bonus points: found a pair of excellent sandals in my basement closet that I had forgotten all about - SCORE!

(they're the brown version of these, and SO comfortable! Dare I consider taking them to New York???)

I'm waiting up just a bit more on taking the winter coats to the dry cleaner, washing out the windowsils (ick), and a few other tasks, but for now I'm quite content to welcome the warm weather and sunshine. Even if that means I had to shave my legs.

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Alison said...

Should we ask what books you finished? :)