Monday, April 26, 2010

Once again I praise Puffs Plus...

I've been waylaid by the dreaded spring cold. I'd avoided it while comrades fell all around me, charging forward with my busy life, because - to paraphrase Jesse Ventura - "I ain't got time to [blow snot bubbles]." But this weekend it finally overpowered me and I was bedridden with a sore throat and way too much phlegm. Today I'm still snarfing and snotting, but I've been without Internet too long to stay at home, so I'm here subjecting my coworker to an unpleasant soundtrack as I snurf and blow and hack - hey, she can close her door if she wants :)

And in other news...

I've done zilch crafting while flat on my back. But I have had a few thoughts:

I find myself very annoyed by this. Tell me you just roll your eyes as well. Seriously, KFC, stop trying to pretend you are healthy. You're not fooling us. And regardless, I'm a sucker for your fake mashed potatoes and blend of secret herbs and spices. Take a cue from Burger King and just embrace the truth of what you are.

I'm super excited for Krista's goth-themed dinner party/housewarming party this weekend, and I've been planning to make peanut butter rats for my dish to share. In poking around I came across this:
And I'm severely tempted to try it.

I also love NotMartha's spider cakes, but I think they'd be hard to transport.

Thanks to Etsy, Ebay, Hot Topic, and the Salvation Army I have my outfit all nailed down (with several possible variations), but strange realization: Hubby has no black clothes. Seriously. It has something to do with a certain shedding rat terrier. He also can't decide if he will acquiesce to guyliner, so his attendance is on the fence. I, on the other hand, am GREATLY looking forward to it and think costume parties are much too rare these days.

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