Saturday, April 28, 2012

Test Driving the "SAHM" Monikker

What a wonderful week. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous starting out - what if things were overwhelming or icky or just off, and then I would have that impression to "look forward to" for my last three weeks at work and wonder if I was making the wrong decision while not being able to change it anyways...

Those fears were (luckily) unfounded.

It wasn't a perfect week - The Cupcake decided not to nap AT ALL on Tuesday, which was painful. I didn't get to go to book club due to some scheduling conflicts (though I did get some other "mama time"). I got a sun burn, which then started to itch wickedly. I did a TON of housework, which isn't really fun, but it felt wonderful. Friday was a VERY off day for TC, she was crabby from 7am till she finally passed out in tears for her afternoon nap at 12:30. She perked up somewhat after that, but it was definitely a down day with a lot of tears and yelling (mostly from her).

And still comparatively awesome.

I'm excited to start my new life.

I hope to do a million projects, but I also hope I can keep from writing them all down and letting them drive my life. I hope that I can do what I did this week as far as having few solid plans, and just going with the day - if TC is in a good mood, heading out for adventures, and if she's not, maybe sticking closer to home. If the weather is good we can take a stroll to the zoo or the library or a cheap lunch and appreciate all our community has to offer. And while TC is playing with her favorite toy - be it the lemonade jug full of water or plastic hangers or the box of something much more expensive - I can putter around the house and hopefully accomplish a few tasks.
I also found time to blog every day this week, or at least to post every day. That was fun and inspiring. I didn't worry about finding a photo or planning a post, I just scribbled down a few notes about my experiences every day, which inspires me to keep on the organizing and lets our friends and family keep up with TC's antics. I am still not quite sure of the "public" direction I want to take all this, but it's nice to be back at it consistently. Thanks to all of those who have bared with the absences and spotty posting :)

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