Monday, April 09, 2012

Shoe Shopping

I had a very brief shoe obsession during what I now lovingly refer to as my "spice girl days" (when we talk about skeletons in the closet, all mine are actually in my closet - crimes against fashion and possibly humanity. Ahhh, the ignorance and wonderful audacity of youth).

But lately, I could care less about my own shoes (as long as they are comfortable), it seems I'm much more attracted to little girls's shoes! Such as:

Aren't these adorable? Another one of my bargains from the JBF sale. I paid $7. They retail for $35, though they have some on clearance for $15. These had just tiny scuffs on the toes, which TC would have done in her first wear anyways, and they didn't have their squeakers in them (they squeak with each step, which encourages the kid to put their heel down and not walk on their toes, which is their first impulse). I emailed the company and they sent me new squeakers FREE, so I got these half price for just their tiny toe scuffs! And I love them :)

The Cupcake wore them out to eat last week and the hubby let her walk out of the restaurant holding his hand - boy did she make a stir! The squeaks aren't loud enough to be annoying (at least not for short periods of time) but they sure got a reaction. I stayed behind to hokey up the floor (many goldfish crackers had met their death that dinner) and cracked up hearing all the exclaimations "Oh goodness!" "Isn't that cute!" "She has those squeaky shoes!" "I've never seen those!" And let me tell you, the little miss enjoyed EVERY BIT of her attention :) They're a hit!

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