Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring in my step...

(potentially that much closer to poverty, but what the hell - it's been really fun so far).

I'm having a good week.

Yesterday I spent the morning in a class about starting nonprofits, then had a really positive meeting for my coaching job, and finally I swung by another JBF sale and got some great deals on a few more shirts to match all the pants we got at the last sale, and I happened to stumble on one of these guys:

$30, looks like they are around $90 retail, and it's in great shape! So far TC likes to bite him on the ears and stuff the saddle full of toys more than bounce or rock, but if nothing else it's a little variation for ME, I needed some new scenery.

The Cupcake isn't so picky. She seemed to like the plastic hangers best out of all of her "toys" lately, and the biggest thrill yesterday was the discovery of an old pocketbook bound for the trash - but don't tell her that, it had to be pried from her fingers at bedtime.

Isn't that a beautiful metaphor for how we're enjoying the simple things lately, taking pleasure in the objects that are already around us instead of clamoring for new, reusing and recycling and hugging the world, and overall making the most of this stay at home mom stuff?

Okay, fine, it's not that deep. And I forgot what we were even talking about. Mostly because this made me laugh out loud until I cried mascara down my cheeks and couldn't breathe to read it to my husband, and an hour later I'm still giggling about it. I would like to add "receive cross dressing Lego men in the mail" to my bucket list, but stuff like that just doesn't happen to me and it would just be a constant reminder my life could be that much cooler. But I feel better knowing it happened somewhere in the world. And "mustachioed" is a great word. And I'm still having a GREAT week.

Angry Transvestite Armies for Everyone!

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