Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The rest of Tuesday...

Tuesday did, in fact, kick my @$$, but I managed to get a bunch of stuff done. The Cupcake never did nap, and after an hour and a half of yelling at the top of her lungs I threw up the white flag and released her, begrudgingly. And exhaustedly. And fairly bummed out. I really look forward to "our" naptime, and part of my willingness to try and pull off a busy morning of adventures was because we'd been getting good naptime performances for a while. Just goes to show once again who is in charge...

But once she recovered from her prolonged fit, she was in a fine mood and puttered around the house while I continued my organizational quest. I cleaned out a few old purses and started on the linen closet. Does everyone else find that tampons multiply in the dark? Because I swear I'm finding half a box in every purse I open, despite being pregnant/nursing most of the past two years. I don't understand where they are coming from!

I also found a MAJOR score - the $30+ Bare Minerals powder I KNEW I had bought (almost 2 years ago) and somehow swept up with a pile of other crap - brand new and unopened! Yay!

TC found a pack of Post-It notes somewhere and had a jolly good time pulling each one apart and spreading them around the house, sticking them on Norm's head, and eventually eating them (oops).

I put together a huge box of travel size/hotel toiletries and some random baby formula samples we received that I'm thinking of dropping off at a shelter - it looks like People Serving People takes both of them, now I just have to actually set aside a time to venture down there...or find something closer.

I also found a bunch of expired stuff that I had a hard time throwing out - and I'm trying to get better at that, but I have some sort of strange WASPY (am I just WASY?) guilt at not getting to stuff like medicines, sunscreen, and especially food before it expires. I particularly felt bad that half of the baby formula I found was past it's date - I'd imagine the powdered stuff is still fine, but I doubt anyone would take a chance with a baby and I definitely wouldn't with someone else's child, so into the trash it went. I'm trying to let it go emotionally now :) In general both the husband and I are pretty awful about left overs, so that is going to be a major area we work on to stretch our funds.

It ended up being such a nice warm day yesterday we were able to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in, and TC wore shorts for the first time! I am in love with her chunky little knees and can't stop biting on her pork chops. This adorable outfit was another score from the JBF sale a few weeks ago, I think it was $4.50. Unfortunately, she's much too busy to spare any time to smile at me!

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