Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Had to do it before I lost my nerve...

I did it.

I'm a little scared. Tuesday it all ends: my hours of lolling around the house on the Internet, wasting time in such a convenient way. But also ending are the constant calls soliciting mortgage services, the repeated asking for donations (I swear the Lupus Society and Disabled Vets are run by mobsters - they will not take no for an answer!), and best of all, the $70 a month bills. When I called to schedule the cut off, they obligingly asked if there was anything they could do to keep me. I laughed out loud.

"It's too late. I'm sure YOU are a perfectly nice person, but the rest of the people there are RIDICULOUS. I've been counting down the days and I can't wait to be free of you."

That was probably mean, and not well rehearsed, but it's what rambled out of my mouth. At least I was perky and upbeat when I said it. She's probably heard MUCH worse in her line of work.

I'm no longer worried about getting rid of the telephone line, but the question is: will I be able to survive without Internet? We're keeping cable (dish) and I already sit at a computer all day long for I'm hoping it is bearable. And for a lot less than $70 a month we can always walk across the street to the coffee shop a few times if necessary :)

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