Monday, January 04, 2010

All in the cards

30 is a good birthday for greeting cards, and boy did I get some GREAT ones :) And no duplicates! What can I say, I'm surrounded by creative people. This first one cracked me up pretty hardcore, especially since it's from my husband's best friend & his new wife:

Inside there's a list of things to do on your 30th b-day. Of course there are some that nobody should ever have to see me do - skinny dip, streak, moon somebody; some things that I would love to be able to do - take a hot air balloon ride, shop till you drop, quit your job; but check out the suggestions I've indicated with arrows (click to enlarge):

Is it a bad sign when your husband's friends want you to date? Online, speed dating, and party lines? :) ha ha. Oops :)

But I'll definitely consider quitting my job while hopped up on cookie dough, crying over lost youth, and doing the birthday dance. Do you think "My lawyer friend told me to" will hold up in court when they question my sanity?

Thanks J & B - Lots of laughs :)

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