Friday, January 15, 2010

Throwing down my own personal gauntlet: ORGANIZE!

Hello world, once again I have no new photos to share with you. I apologize for my craftastic failures. But I have a plan this weekend: CATCH UP!

I can't believe we just started the new year and I feel so behind already! This is my last free weekend before a major Saturday commitment starts up again, so I simply HAVE to make the most of it. At the top of my list:

1. Correspondence - I haven't yet done my thank you cards for Xmas or my birthday - some people say "you have plenty more time", but I usually get them out within a week, so I feel majorly negligent right now. Especially when I received such wonderful gifts! Sorry peeps, I promise they are coming soon, and I am so appreciative of all your kind gestures!

2. Porch - this is a disaster, and one I have to walk through every day when I leave and enter the house. But of course, with how cold it has been (sub zero) I haven't wanted to spend any time out there cleaning it up. I bought two new shoe racks over a week ago, and totally forgot about them in the trunk of my car. This weekend they need to make it in to the house, get assembled, and finally bring some order to the sea of shoes spread across the floor. To be fair, I caused this disaster during the cookie exchange when I hurriedly yanked the existing shoe rack to put it by the front door. And then never put it or the shoes back :)

3. CRAFT ROOM AKA WITCH'S TOWER: The biggest tragedy of the whole house. At Halloween, it was spotless and open in case anyone needed to crash there. Then I took down all the Halloween decor, and never got it put away, so it's languishing in various piles up there. For Thanksgiving, I had to take the tables which had piles of stuff on them downstairs to use for the meal - so more piles, this time on the floor. Add Xmas decor, craft fair/mosaic boxes, and I have one giant heap going. It's totally unusable, and that needs to change - I plan a full out organizational assault! All of the seasonal decorations will be packed away neatly, and the craft supplies once again organized and usable. I've even invested in more clear storage boxes to accomodate all my new "goodies."

In writing this I now feel like I have to be accountable, so hopefully I'm able to make significant progress. I'll try to do some "before" and "after" photos to illustrate the progress - just don't judge me too harshly on the "before"!

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