Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's not delivery...

Remember That's the site I won my Amazon Shopping Spree on, but the real purpose is to select "hosts" for various product parties. I've applied for a bunch - craft supplies, books, bacon - and I've finally "won" one! This Sunday we're hosting a "DiGiorno Game Day Believer Pizza Party!" My "party pack" just arrived this weekend:

Isn't that cute? It's not delivery...but it's in a pizza box :) Actually there isn't any pizza in there at all, just coupons for me to go and pick some up (6, in case you are wondering, and a bunch more $4 off coupons for guests), and some party favors:

Somewhere in there is a pizza wheel, magnet, potholder, and of course all those rally beads. The idea is that you throw a playoff party and gnosh on pizza between...innings? quarters? Clearly I care very little about football, so we're shaking our party up a bit. The "man cave", AKA basement will host the aforementioned playoff viewing - which I hear the home team is involved in. Some people care. Other people :)

But the real party is upstairs, where I shall finally be returning to my crafty roots! This is what motivated me to clear out the craft room last weekend. Last year around this time I hosted a Stampin' Up workshop where we made Valentine cards and had a lot of fun - this year I thought I'd do it again, but the timing doesn't work out with my other obligations, so I mashed these two ideas together - and invited non-football-fans over to craft with me. I have plenty of supplies to share, and having people over forces me to actually sit down and use it all. So voila, the football/crafting mash up was born!

This way we all get pizza - will it taste like delivery? I guess we'll find out...I don't usually buy DiGiorno since they're fairly expensive and we either go with super cheap frozen varieties, or actual delivery. I'm actually pretty excited to try a bunch of flavors. And I don't have to sit through football, win-win! I'm looking forward to making some cards, and hope to have a few good ones to show off along with my review of the pizzas next week.

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