Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Other Blogs to Visit:

I forgot to sync my backup drive with the photos I uploaded from the weekend, so none of my pics today. Instead, I thought I'd do another inspiration post - I could actually use a little more of this right now, along with time to actually execute the ideas. I'm in a bit of a craft drought due to other obligations taking over my life lately, but I plan to get back to it this weekend.

So, here are some of the craft-ish blogs I follow:

SwissMiss - "A Swiss Designer Gone NYC" - I'm not much into her designer lingo and expensive furnishings, and Lord knows I don't share her minimalist aesthetic, but she seems to spend plenty of time online and does some great cross posts. She finds fun products which are inspiring, if not always affordable, and the best part: SHE UPDATES A LOT. EVERY DAY AND THEN SOME. This is basically my #1 critique of most bloggers, they get popular and then get lazy. Swiss Miss is keeping it up so far...of course, she's also scoring some big bank off it. In addition to her design gig, she's now taking sponsors for her blog at the tidy sum of $850/week. If any of y'all would like to throw that cash at me, feel free :)

NotMartha - She's really scattered as far as what she posts, sort of like myself. Some days it's a list of links to cool projects or products, some days she does her own projects with excellent photos and step by step instructions. I first stumbled upon her when I found her Halloween Spider Cakes, which are still on my list to make for a spooky dinner party some day, and recently she did some pretty cute mini gingerbread houses to garnish mugs of hot cocoa. I don't see a rhyme or reason to when or how often she posts.

Bakerella - She bakes things. Usually tiny things. And gives you step by step instructions on how she did it. Her stuff is so fun, and her photos are so good, she almost has me convinced I could really make these projects. Someday I will (see bucketlist #112). For now I just die at the cuteness. The only thing that makes me sad is that she generally posts once a week. I suppose that is forgivable since these projects must take forever. But I'm a demanding reader, and I crave cuteness daily.

NotSoHumblePie - this is a new one on my list, brought to my attention by the oh-so-creative Carin, she of the TrueBlood Cupcakes, the Alice in the House costume, and the GORGEOUS holiday sugar cookies. She should really start her own blog. But I digress - Carin told me about NotSoHumblePie and it is ADORABLE as well! The author is a scientist who now bakes, and her love of science is still hilariously represented. She's done sugar cookies of mice & fruit flies, people wearing haz-mat suits, and some gorgeous martha-esque snowflakes. She seems to post daily, though a lot of it is also gourmet cooking that I have no patience to try :) But the cookies are right up there with Bakerella for cuteness factor, and earn additional wit points for their science themes.

LearnSomethingEveryDay - This one isn't explicitly crafty, but it's definitely interesting and can inspire craftiness. The site takes a while to load, but each day it features a new little factoid and accompanying doodle. Most of them are really interesting, and yet totally obscure - I really do usually learn something new - i.e Hitler was a vegetarian (December 23, 2009). Who objects to eating meat but is fine wiping out entire populations?!?! Or Barbie's full name...do you know what it is? Look at December 26, 2009. Yesterday's fact was that the actors voicing the original Mickey and Minnie were actually married. That is just mind blowing! Okay, but at the least it is cool.

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Carin said...

I think I would blog if I had reliable internet at home.
but I'd also be one of the people who updates pretty sporadically.
At the very least, it would require me to keep track of my projects and the process I went through to make them.
for now, I'm leaving the blogging to you!! Great Job Heather!!!