Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to life, back to reality...

Monday Morning
sub-zero temperatures
back to work
after a long weekend
and a late night =


I got a bit of a reality check trying to pry myself out of bed this morning, between the bitter cold and the lack of energy, I'm a little surprised I'm actually here. And mostly on time. Wow.

A few updates I realize I have glossed over, what with the distraction of a big surprise party and all:

1. I made another resolution: I gave up giving up caffeine. I decided that this post was total bunk. Well, not total, but not enough reason to keep denying myself my true passion. Plus I was substituting with root beer and cherry 7-up, so half of the reasons for giving it up in the first place were just a wash. I'm a better person with my Cherry Coke. And Dr. Pepper. and Cherry Dr. Pepper...mmmm, true bliss.

2. My phone works! This post was apparently bull$%^& too! After all the turmoil with T-Mobile refusing to sell me a phone I tried to go pick one up at Target but THERE WAS NOT ONE PARKING SPOT IN THE WHOLE LOT. That clearly seemed enough reason to avoid the whole place. When I got home, I rounded up all the phone accessories and when I went for the charger I discovered the phone wasn't dead, my brain apparently was. The charger wasn't plugged in. Oops. So for the past however many days I'd been "charging" my phone all night with a cord that had no power. D'oh. Guess being a terrorist isn't all that bad, it saved me $20! Thanks, terrible T-Mobile customer service!

3. Unfortunately, last night our TV also died, and I have a feeling that is going to cost a lot more than $20. This is our THIRD ONE to croak in under a year! I don't know what is going on. This was our huge splurge last year and it's just been a disaster ever since. We started with a Magnavox, and twice we had to return it within a month when dead lines & spots started appearing across the screen. After the 2nd time, we traded up to a Phillips. That went well for a few more months. then a couple weeks back it wouldn't turn on. We pulled all the plugs and connections and re-attached, and it eventually came back on. Yesterday it went out again, and has yet to recover. I just don't understand what is going on, am I radioactive or something? The rest of the accessories plugged in to that outlet seem fine, nothing has been hit or tipped...who knows. Repair (wo)man en route. MAJOR bummer.

4. So far I've failed on the "bring my lunch to work" resolution. I didn't even make the first day. Oops. Luckily I'm still not that hungry since the Meat Madness meal.

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