Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stuff that has gone down while I've been not posting...

I apologize heartily, dear Internet. And now for something completely different...POSTS!

1. I sold all of the painted letters from the Wonderland party. First went the big Marquee, then I just recently shipped off the Cheshire Cat and Mad Tea sayings. I had listed them very low, mostly I just wanted to find them all a good home and possibly kick back a little money into the pot for next year.

I used USPS Flat Rate boxes, thinking they were $8.95, like they were the last time I shipped something. THEY ARE NOT. THEY ARE SIGNIFICANTLY MORE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I was fairly perturbed to find out that AFTER the boxes were packed, addressed, and on the postal counter, they were actually around $15 EACH to ship. Craptacular. There goes any possible thought of starting the 2010 Halloween fund, I was lucky to break even. Post Office, I shake an angry fist at you.

2. I had our DiGiorno party, and it was fine. It's weird for me to have low key gatherings, I don't know "how." I always feel inadequate without goodie bags and decorations, but I'm working on it.

The pizza was good. I'll admit when I buy frozen pizza it's generally the $0.99 Party Pizzas or maybe a $2 Tony's, so this was quite a treat to get six $7+ pizzas. I got all rising crust varieties, and my favorite was the plain old pepperoni.

(This is not my photo...I have been as woefully inadequate at uploading pics as I have been at blogging...but according to flickr, this is a DiGiorno pepperoni pizza. It looks pretty much the same as ours did.)

The "Ultimate Supreme" (really? two dramatic adjectives? necessary?) was so heavy it started to fall between the wires in the oven rack while cooking, that was kind of weird. The same thing happened with the three meat, so I guess it's good to watch them or you'll lose a lot of toppings (bad) and have to clean your oven (worse). The cheese stuffed crust was just okay - not a lot of flavor, and once it cooled the cheese really shrank. Probably not worth it. I'd have the pepperoni again, or the spicy chicken, and I'd like to try the garlic bread versions. I also have a bunch of $4 off coupons I forgot to give out. Let me know if you want one.

Football was watched, crafts were made. Crafts which cannot yet be shared due to their gift-like nature, and me not wanting to ruin the surprise just yet (ooh, intrigue!). Perhaps I shall share in mid February instead. Though that is not a promise, as I am apparently untrustworthy when it comes to posting. *Hangs head in shame*

3. We officially cut the cord with Qwest, and I just survived my first 24 hours without Internet.

I felt an odd calm and lack of purpose without my computer on my lap last night, and I had a pile of messages to wade through today, but I'm still alive. I'll have to take it day by day :)

4. I was an hour late to work one morning because I started watching last week's Project Runway and couldn't tear myself away.

My commentary is this: Ping, WTF? It's getting old that they keep a weirdo around each season who is "inventive" and "modern," which are code for "crazy" and "unsellable." Let's get real.

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Alison said...

Maybe they'll surprise us and get rid of Ping tonight! I enjoyed the craft party! You did low key well. :)