Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mermaid it is...

I had half an hour to kill yesterday before "book club" so I stopped at a local party store to see if I could get some costume inspiration. Even though it's not close to Halloween, they still had two long rows of costume accessories, including a lot of wigs. I wasn't looking to spend much money, but nothing I had at home had me very fired up. I ended up getting this wig:

It is called a "pirate wench" wig, but I plan to use it with one of my mermaid costumes - I'll take out the big floppy ties and add on my shell crown and some pearls, that should work. For some reason I just can't abide a short-haired mermaid, so this is the extra piece I needed to pull off either of my existing costumes. I thought the colors were sort of reminiscent of the multi-colored hair my mermaid tattoo has.

I also liked that it was long enough to feel long, but wouldn't completely cover my back or get in the way like a Lady Godiva wig would. I'm leaning towards the blue costume, in which case I need to find some pearls - the ones I wore at Coney Island were actually Ryan's Christmas garland :) But I loved how they looked, they really added dimension to the front. Even if they did try to choke me a few times. If I end up going with the green one instead, I think I'll make a new crown out of seaweed & shells, to match the more "flower child" feel of that outfit.

Decisions, decisions...

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