Friday, March 12, 2010

Circus Class 3: Triple Trapeze, Hand Balancing, German Wheel

The Triple Trapeze sounds like it should be AWESOME (if one trapeze is fun, isn't a TRIPLE trapeze guaranteed to be better? It should be like MegaDesk). wasn't. Such a let down. A triple trapeze is STATIONARY, you do the same sort of poses we did on the hoops my first night - but with 3 people all in a row. Looks like this:

It still kicked my ass, I won't lie, 3 weeks is not enough to "grow" stomach and upper body muscles :) But I tried as much as I could, and actually got myself up and down several times.

Hand Balancing was a big ol' can of AWKWARD. I'm just not into climbing on strangers. And I'm not strong enough for them to climb on me. I basically stood around watching the one tiny person climb on the one big dude. Yawn.

The saving grace for the evening was the German Wheel!

This was pretty fun. My favorite (because it was a little scary, and required some but not a ton of muscle to accomplish) was just rolling solo like a cartwheel:

I wasn't as worried about falling off and breaking my neck as I was about running over my fingers or toes - or my partner's fingers and toes, when we did stuff like this:

but everyone left with all of their digits intact, so the night was a success! We did slightly less conditioning, and other than my arms I'm not that sore today. I've been told next week we can do the globes, which I'm excited about. There is a class of kidlets working on these when I get to class early, and they just make it look so easy - I've heard from other people in my class that it's very hard! And I've seen a few of the little ones take some spills too, so there is sure to be excitement when I try :) But if dancing bears can do it...

3 down, 5 to go.

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