Monday, March 15, 2010

Time for Spring, I Say! (well, the creepy little gnome says)

I had this post all laid out on Friday, about costumes I'd gathered from my closet, sort of a tour of last minute cheap easy costume ideas as I sorted through what to wear to the NSRG bout on Saturday. I figured I'd play some dress up, snap some pics, do a trial run...

I didn't get to it.


The pace of life has certainly risen with the temperatures, to the point I've had to start relying on my calendar in fear I'll miss something big. I'll have to cram the costume search in sometime this week, because between coaching, pooper scooping the back yard, Mom's birthday dinner, a craft class, a lunch meeting, and finishing up borrowed books - my weekend somehow passed me by.

Extricating myself from bed this morning was AGONY - I have to say I had really gotten used to it being just a little light out when I was trying to convince myself to go to work. That argument gets much more difficult when it still looks like night. I know it'll only be dark again for a few more weeks, and it'll be nice to see some sun when I get home, but it makes for a sleepy, surly Monday morning.

I took some photos of projects this weekend, but have yet to upload them, so instead here's a little vintage Spring strangeness for you:

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