Monday, March 22, 2010

Roller Derby, Arggggh!

After all the huffing and puffing about mermaid hair, I ended up going a totally different direction. Apparently I was feeling too dark & moody to pull off sea nymph, not to mention I hated the wig, and had about 12 minutes to get ready on Saturday, so I'm glad I had a back up plan. I decided to go for another high seas look with a little more attitude: PIRATE!!!

I'm really glad I went this route. It was fairly easy to pull together with stuff I had lying around, it was comfortable, and the few new pieces that I did pick up I love.

Here's what I used:

- pirate scarf (made into a hat), jeweled brooch, and eye patch were from an old costume years ago. They don't take up any room to store, and I love having a go-to box of props for last minute costumes.

- white cotton skirt from Target - $12. I got one in black too, but the contrast was more exciting

- giant jeweled necklace and matching earring are borrowed from Ryan, same set I wore for Halloween. The big rings are all from my jewelry box.

- red fishnets I had lying around, and the chunky mary janes are my usual dress shoe right now, they are actually really comfortable but still have a heel.

- the halter top was my biggest purchase, $32 @ hot topic. I had to be judged by all the alterna-teens while shopping, but I'll wear this often in daily life. It's got fun details and really shows off my ink in back, I love it! :) (I did cut the tag off before going out). The wristlettes and leg warmers are also hot topic, $12-14, but I can wear both again.

- the face jewels are left over from the Mermaid Parade last year, and I was liberal with the black eyeliner, and that was it! I was super disappointed that more people weren't dressed up - there were a few people in themed western attire, otherwise me, Carin, and a Narwhal were pretty much it:

Luckily Carin's costume was so awesome, it pretty much made up for the lack of effort by the rest of the crowd. She was mobbed with photo requests, like this dude (no idea who this is):

There were a lot of differences between the leagues, but to accentuate the positive I'll say that the North Star league had MIXED DRINKS! WOOT WOOT! That was fairly exciting. We have one more stop on our derby domination month with plans to see the TC Terrors MEN'S Derby in action next week.

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