Friday, March 26, 2010

“CIRCUS, n. A place where horses, ponies and elephants are permitted to see men, women and children acting the fool.” - Ambrose Bierce

When performing a back hand spring on a trampoline, you need to land both feet together, or you send a huge shock wave through the first foot when you stick the second (and bounce the trampoline again).

Why didn't I know this? Hmmm, maybe because I've never done a back hand spring, let alone on a trampoline?!?!?! And I can't even do a back somersault? And when I launch into something physical I just hope and assume that my limbs are following along?

I got my first circus class "injury" last night, nothing serious, but I immediately felt a pain shooting through my thigh that I knew wasn't good. It's lingered, made sleeping a little difficult, and my hip aches now sitting at my desk. It will probably interfere with skating if it doesn't go away ASAP. Boo.

But on the bright side, I did a back hand spring :)

There were two spotters and I'm pretty sure one of them forced my legs go over my head (they don't seem to do that on their own) but I still consider it a triumph, as something I never thought I'd do.

All in all it was a tough night under the big top. I actually wavered on going as I'd been home sick all day. I drove halfway there, but the thought of spinning on a rope led me to declared it a no go. But later I reconsidered and decided to tough it out. I was rewarded with: conditioning. UGH! Station 1 was a full 20 mins of core work. If I enjoyed that kind of crap I'd have just joined a gym. But I don't enjoy it. I just want to play on fun circus equipment :) Now I certainly realize that having any amount of core muscles would make playing on the equipment easier and more fun, but it's not like 20 mins is going to change my body so that I can suddenly master the hoops. But I endured.

Next up was the silks. Remember Pink's performance at the Grammy's? That was silks:

I was optimistic, after my unexpected rope climbing success last week.

Climbing silks is not like climbing a rope. It's more like climbing a rubber band. You climb and climb and climb, and you've only gotten 6". Very defeating. But I did manage to do this (we're low on purpose, I actually did climb a bit higher than that the first time):

followed by this:

which would look pretty cool if I could extend my back leg :) D'oh...

...followed by an even less elegant dismount :) I was in a group with a woman who had taken the class for years and she could do some pretty awesome stuff, so it was fun to watch. I can't get a handle on the most basic things - like wrapping your foot in the silks and standing on it squishes your foot. Or sitting on the hard bar of the hoops or triple trap hurts your butt. I guess I'm soft, I just can't do these things without thinking everything hurts!

The tumbling trampoline was the 3rd and final station of the night, good thing because after my back handspring I was down for a while. No class next week for spring break (hopefully my hip/thigh works itself out by then), but otherwise I'm more than 1/2 way through! 3 classes to go, and I'm hoping we get to try unicycles at least one of those :)

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