Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Happy Birthday (not so) Little Mermaid

I still haven't named her. She still feels new. But it was one year ago today that I first woke up with a face on my back:

Session one was just her outline from the waist up, and the beginning of the black and brown shading in the hair. The first session was actually tolerable, if only in retrospect. While the black outlining was ridiculously painful, it was nothing compared to all of the tail work that came later, since that sucker wraps itself up and down my spine like an "S." NOT RECOMMENDED!

I should have worn a halter top in honor, but even our "heat wave" (it's 39 degrees today) doesn't really permit that, so I'll give this little cyber salute instead.

And Mom, since I know you still cringe every time you see this - look on the bright side: it makes my body that much more identifiable if I get murdered, or lost at sea, or stricken with amnesia. That's got to be helpful, right? :) I also think the med students who end up with me (assuming I donate my body to science) are going to be amused. Especially if I'm 95 years old and they have to decipher what it is.

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