Saturday, March 13, 2010

Make It Work

So far I've only seen the Minnesota Roller Girls, but our fair state actually has TWO successful and competitive women's flat track roller derby leagues - the other being the North Star Roller Girls. They play in Minneapolis, and as an added bonus, they ENCOURAGE YOU TO WEAR A COSTUME TO THE BOUT!

Do the caps accurately portray my excitement?

I love getting dressed up! It's the one thing I miss most since Ryan moved away.

Here's what NSRG says about bout attire:

We are proud to announce our season-long costume party!
Part of the unique thrill of being a roller girl is adopting an alter ego and flaunting it in public. We want to share the fun of that experience with our fans, so we're inviting you to show off your secret side for us and come to our bouts dressed up up in whatever costume you desire. More.

So now the question is, what to go as? I have one week, a crabby sewing machine, and no money, so first let's look at what I have laying around. At the top of my list is:

The mermaid Ryan made for the Coney Island parade last year. It would be nice to wear it again, and with the flesh colored bustier and sparkle pasties, it's pretty flashy. I've cut my hair, but I have a few wigs laying around I could work with.

I have this Queen of Hearts, but the more I see it the more I hate it. I just picked the wrong materials. The trim around the heart was like $100 but the whole thing looks like a $20 costume. And I'm pretty much over the whole Alice thing for a while. Won't be wearing this one, though I could re-purpose the pieces.

Oh, beloved Bjork. You would be so fun to wear out in public, but alas, you've found a new home.

I also have another mermaid-ish outfit I've yet to wear, the sundress I had custom made from my own design :) Yay etsy! It's very comfy, but very summery - it was specifically designed for last year's mermaid parade before I decided to go another direction. I'd have to come up with fun hair for this one too.

Another option is to assemble something new with all of the random pieces I have laying about - and boy, do I have pieces: Feather boas in all colors. Sparkling tiaras. A wand. Several styles of Mickey Mouse ears. More than one ill-fitting ballgown. I think I could probably throw together a decent princess, prom queen, fairy (not sure if I have wings anymore?), pirate, goth, or zombie (though I'm no good at make up) with zero work. Decisions, decisions. Hmmm, guess I have some serious dress up to play in the next week to figure something out!

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