Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This is how we roll...

Partying like rock stars, trashing hotel rooms - just another day in our creative life.

Except this is our living room, and we don't have the rock star budget to pay some poor housekeeping staff to clean up after us, so it is slightly less glamorous. Not awful though. Our house is actually acclimating to toddlerhood quite nicely. We spend most of our days in the combined living/dining room, using two handy baby gates to block off the kitchen and the hallway to the bedrooms & bathroom. That pretty much makes this room a nice big playpen and it's been resonably childproofed (though these little suckers can find a way to make even the most benign seeming scenario turn perilous in the blink of an eye). We have a nice plastic storage unit on one side of the couch, scored for $4.99 at Goodwill, and all of the stuffed animals live in a big plastic baby tub that is easy to move out of Norm's reach when we leave. The large foam pieces are an awesome play structure we splurged on for TC's first birthday from The Childrens Factory, when it is assembled it has steps, a slide, and a tunnel to crawl through. It was a big purchase, but it is "daycare quality" so it should last forever, and has been totally worth it so far.

About 3-4X a day TC dumps out every single toy she has and whatever else she has scored to play with into a giant heap. Case in point - can you find the ceramic strainer, kitchen tongs, and 50 orange post-it notes hidden in the picture? The kid has plenty of objects to focus her attention on :)

Luckily, it takes under 5 minutes to dump everything BACK into its proper homes, half that if the kid isn't following behind me undoing all my good work :) I usually try to reassemble the house before we leave for our "morning adventure," while TC is napping, when the hubby gets home from work, and while she is having her nightly bath. I have it down to a pretty sweet routine.

So party on, Cupcake. Crank that crazy "Sammy the Spider" CD :)

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