Friday, July 06, 2012

Ready to ship:

I love how the rainbow of beads looks - this was a fun one!

#2: Jumperoo seat - I Contacted Fisher Price about the broken part on our Jumperoo:

Poor sad duckie. They didn't have replacement parts available, but said they would send us a refund! I was shocked. And pleased. Especially since I was just getting ready to pack it away and emailed on a whim (I planned to save it for a while, but sell it eventually - those suckers are expensive!) I have to return the seat in order to prove I'm not just still using it, and I got it packed up today. That'll be a big task off the list (and a big item out of the basement!).  

#3: newspaper article for a friend whose daughter was featured that I've been meaning to send since May. Time to go!

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