Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Future's so bright she has to wear shades...

It shouldn't be a surprise I can't get my toddler to sit still, I was never able to train my dog to do a darned thing either. So we're in blurry photo territory for a few years I'm afraid. Here's the best of my attempts to document The Cupcake's fantastic swimsuit from Hanna Andersson, courtesy of Grandma Deb:


I love it! It's SO practical for my lilly-white babe, the best coverage I've seen but still lightweight and comfy. It's easy enough to get on and off, WAY easier than strappy suits, and I don't have to spend a bunch of time digging it out of her butt or hiking straps up on her shoulders, which might be my favorite part - it always looks cute, not just the moment you put it on. Last week we went to a playdate through a mommy-group I'm considering joining and while most of the kids were typical pale Minnesotans (including THREE redheads!) mine was the only one in a full coverage suit, there wasn't even anyone in a rashguard top! I was really surprised. We were all arms deep in sunscreen, but I had much less to worry about covering, and that makes a huge difference when wrestling a toddler in public.  

Also, love the full coverage butt as far as sitting on potentially hot pool decks or what-not.  Unfortunately, the kid is already Amazonian and shows no signs of slowing her growth any time soon, so we'll be lucky if she makes it through the summer in this thing. My almost 18-month-old is currently rolling in 24 month clothes and size 6.5 shoes!

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