Saturday, July 07, 2012


I won't even pretend at this point that I get new toys to please The Cupcake, it's definitely more about keeping ME from falling into doldrums. She's just as happy with an empty milk jug, or her current favorite: a random package of diapers and my shoes:

So yeah, despite the meager budget I whine about frequently, after a couple weeks of being home I dropped $60 I really didn't have on new children's books at Barnes & Noble. I justify it because to delay any further would cost us much more - we have crappy medical insurance and I was certain to stick a fork in my eye sooner or later. We read at least 20 books a day 'round here, and our selection was getting pretty old. We stick to board books right now, and even then TC will sometimes just randomly take a few bites out of one, who knows what is going on there. I already have the new ones memorized too. Seriously...hubby has quizzed me and I've proven it. I've unintentionally memorized the entire Sandra Boynton Line. May I suggest Hippos Go Beserk or Nigh Night Little Pookie? I'd also say to avoid any of the "Touch and Feel" books, TC is enamored with a Puppies & Kitties one that I have thrown behind the couch, under the chair, down the garbage keeps finding it's way hardly even has words, but they infuriate me. And I digress..

We got a new toy!

It's not really assembled here, in the middle of the living room, since it will be going downstairs into the new playroom next week, but I couldn't resist trying it out tentatively (without any of the screws) just to see what it would be like. The kid loved it instantly and played for quite a while before she randomly decided to challenge the walls and we had a minor cave in, but I'm super happy with it. The very best part is the tiny cell phone it came with, which makes real but unobnoxious noises and is the perfect size to drag with us everywhere we go. I'm thinking of calling to order a 2nd/replacement one right away before they stop making them. It also has a working doorbell and a mailslot, as well as a little Dutch door.

I'm excited to have something big and fun to entertain TC in the basement, meaning I might be able to work on laundry or watch the actual big screen TV with cable while she plays (in the living room we only have a tiny TV with the local digital channels, which is probably good because I still feel guilty and awful when she watches TV. I think that will go away when she turns 2 and the AAP warnings go away). She also seems to play a little more independently with this, entertaining herself a little more, which would be nice as far as getting things done around the house. Right now whenever I sit down at the table to work on a project, she climbs my legs and the chair immediately and demands to be included. Thus, I get nothing done :)

Yay for new toys!

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