Sunday, July 15, 2012

Outside the Box

I spent the weekend toiling away up in the "witch's tower" (formerly my craft room, AKA our finished attic) while Hubby and Grandpa entertained The Cupcake. I'm STILL working on organizing a yard sale (probably for August) and holy crap do I have...well, crap. I sincerely hope this isn't just a massive waste of time, it would be delightful to make a little money off all of my former treasures as I let them go. It will also be good to make a little space and organization though too.

Remember when I read Discardia and I was talking about the things I don't get bogged down with? I recently discovered something that I have a ridiculously hard time parting with that takes up TONS of space:

Okay, this isn't really my attic, but it might as well be. I have boxes of all shapes and sizes stashed up there, filling the eaves, piled up to the ceiling. I think I know why I save them - they're useful, they're free (all repurposed), it's green living, and having moved a few times I know what a pain it is to collect boxes and how nice it is to have good ones. But I'm not moving any time soon, and though it is convenient to be able to grab a box for anything I need to ship or giftwrap, it's not convenient to have to shuffle around 200 of them in order to access anything else, or even find the size I'm looking for. So I've come to a decision, the boxes are gonna go. I broke down a half dozen or so this weekend (I didn't say I was GOOD at getting rid of them yet, just that I decided to), and am using many more to organize sale stuff - boxes that will go with the "customer" who purchases each box load of goodies for a tidy sum that will fund many adventures for TC and I (hopefully). Recycling is picked up tomorrow, so maybe I'll commit to a few more before then.

And I'm somewhere around 18 rubbermade totes stacked full of priced yard sale merch, not including the clothing which I have yet to dig through. It is ridiculously hot up there, despite our "central air" and the fact that the attic is technically our 3rd bedroom, the HVAC is seriously flawed up there and it's really uncomfortable most of the year. We have a dedicated AC unit I could plug in if I made enough space, but that seems like a lot of work to do just to do more work, and working in short bursts is most effective for me anyways, so I just go till I'm dripping with sweat and then take a break to cool off and recharge. I'm seriously scaling back on Halloween and Christmas decor, craft supplies, kitchen tools, and who knows what else, I don't even remember what I've sorted through. Let's hope it cools off so shoppers flock to my yard and neither I nor my illustrious wares melt across the frown lawn.

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