Friday, July 27, 2012

Scenes from an airport

I woke up somewhere around 6am (5am central) and lept out of bed, full of hope. I was ready to flee this town, state, terrible trip. I raced to the airport, eager to get on an earlier flight.

None available.

But no, that can't be possible, I must be able to at least stand by for something else?



...and then I cried. Yeah, haven't solved that disappointment issue overnight.

And now here I sit, in a small airport, for 9 or so hours. One positive happening is the availability of WiFi, which is actually even a better signal than at the hotel and I've been able to watch some Hulu to pass time. I've also snagged a seat near an outlet, so I can keep my computer charged as I wither away the day.  I even killed a few minutes watching a bird hop along the carpet happily.

Unfortunately, the services here are pretty bare bones, a few grab and go cafes, no full service restaurant to sit down at, not much open this early, and a single overpriced store. At least at MSP there are miles of stores and restaurants to wander through, but of course I never get stuck there :)

There is one douchey guy next to me talking much too loud on his blue tooth, but I have good headphones and can mostly drown him out. Mostly.

I also don't want to get up to grab anything to eat and risk losing my spot (outlet). Oh goodie, people already coming to hone in on it.

I'll be home in 12 hours (if all goes according to plan). Wish me luck.


OMG! There are TWO birds! That's like 7 or 8 more minutes of entertainment.

Oh no, they came and swept up all the crumbs, now the birds are sad and aimless. And yes, they can fly, which is startling, but when they just hop around they seem less menacing.

Also, more douchey business guys talking too loud on phones.

Update Deux:
Sister called and asked if I was still sitting next to douche bags prattling on loud phone calls, and if I wanted to outshout them. Apparently I did, because Blue tooth moved to another section. Bwa ha ha ha.

HBOGO! Yay for watching movies, that will pass my time! What an excellent idea!

Uh oh, maybe watching Contaigon in an airport is like watching Titanic on a cruise ship...

Update Troix:
I got up at exactly the wrong time and had to wait in a giant line for the bathroom. And of course I lost my seat/outlet IMMEDIATELY, but now I've found another. Would you believe the guy sitting by it wasn't even using it? That's like a rule of society now days, power is king. So I'm sitting on the floor next to it, and after watching Contaigon half of me is creeped out about germs and the other half feels it is so inevitable there's not much practicality to worrying. So anyways, now I'm watching "In Time" and watching a couple toddlers chase the birds. I'm pretty sure they will end up sitting right next to me, because that is how my luck is running, so I hope they just run themselves right down to empty and maybe they will sleep on the trip. Also, pray they have seats, because sitting next to lap babies is brutal.

Also, Sbarro at the airport is awful. Not that Sbarro is ever really that good, but it is fairly reliable in the food court. Here I think someone just found the Sbarro logo on google images and stuck it on their microwave pizza stand. Blah.

Also, I kind of like Justin Timberlake as an actor. Not sure why I feel embarassed about that.

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Anonymous said...

It's ok to be sad, but remember we love you! See you soon! -L