Monday, July 30, 2012

The Bright Side

Whew! Sweet relief, home sweet home. I think I shall try not to dwell any longer on the UnexpectedlyTerribleTrip, which has already consumed too much brain space, and instead move on gracefully. I probably will continue to b!@#$ about it later, since I'm definitely one to hold a grudge and dwell and wallow in the devastation of bad decisions, but let's say in theory that I'm working on it.

So instead, let's go back to  the old standby "BROUGHT ME JOY!"

Thank you Hollywood for helping to pass my time away I watched a BUNCH of movies while I was gone:

-Rental movies on iTunes - loaded them on my computer before I left  for the airport, and they occupied most of my flight time! On the way down I watched the last Twilight movie finally, and on the way back I tried 21 Jump Street. I actually really liked them both!

-The cable package at the hotel was pretty weak, but I did get to watch a couple old but good movies, Simon Burch  (Based on a Prayer for Owen Meany) and Funny People (I think that is what it was called? Adam Sandler & Seth Rogan, Sandler is a comedian with cancer). Watched both of these in a king size cushy bed with the AC blasting and room service (which was mediocre, but still feels decadent) and Papa John's (which was better and cheaper than the room service) in my lap.

-Halfway through my trip the hotel added in-room movies, and while they were a ridiculous price ($18.99!?!?) they were cheaper than taking a cab anywhere, and in the end they were NOT ADDED TO MY BILL! I even stopped to bring it to their attention, not wanting to deal with any fallout if the crappy camp was charged for my entertainment, and I was told all was well, gratis! SUPER SCORE!
(I watched Hunger Games, which I had been wanting to see forever, and liked for the most part, and then Friends With Kids which was just okay, but passed the time.)

-At the Florida airport (during my 12 hour stay) I was really excited to have free WiFi, and even more ecstatic it was fast enough to stream video! I don't go to HBOGO that often, I really should do it more - after I'd exhausted my Hulu queue I watched Contaigon which was really good (if not totally creepy and too possible) and In Time which I also quite enjoyed.

I tried to read and work on my scrapbooking, but I was so frustrated and out of whack that I had a hard time relaxing unless I turned my brain over to TV. That happens to me a lot. I'll never be a hipster, because I like TV and movies, and I'm not embarassed to admit it. I need the escapism that media provides me. Thanks for the few hours of peace you helped me achieve, hope to see you again someday movies. You're much harder to spend time with these days, but we'll meet again in another time and find our happy place again.

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