Thursday, July 07, 2011

I made The Cupcake, and The Cupcake makes messes...

Six months, holy crap. Life is on fast forward lately and every time I blink The Cupcake grows another inch. We don't have her 6 month appointment till next week, but I'm dying to hear her stats - she was smack in the middle at her 3 month appointment, and now at 6 months she's wearing 12 month clothes...She doesn't seem "husky" but who am I to judge :) So we've wasted a few more outfits (did she EVER fit in 9 month clothes? or just go straight from 6 to 12?)

One thing we're spending a lot of time on at the moment is FOOD - she just started purees, which is a bit of a craft project. At least, she seems to think it is. And there are colorful smears of various vegetables all over my house, so it's fair to call it decorative. Feeding The Cupcake went from a few seconds to pop a bottle in her mouth (which she is just starting to hold by herself too!) to a HUGE time sucking ordeal involving set up, wrestling, her ninja moves swiping the food off the spoon while I blink, and the necessary bath time clean up immediately following.

Will I ever not be tired again?!?!?

But speaking of tired, she is clearly NOT:

Something came together in her little mind recently and she is suddenly a wiggly wormy dancing fool. She just cannot stay still. She has completely bonded with her Jumperoo, and will thrash around like a wild animal for at least half an hour now. When I hold her, she tries to jump the same way. I sing the Jumperoo songs in my sleep. She rolls over in her sleep now, and then gets upset to realize she is on her stomach and immediately starts to scream until I come and right her. Apparently this is so that she can do it again. Silly babies.

She's getting a bit more generous with the laughs, though she still makes us work pretty hard. Smiles are doled out freely though. Naps are a roll of the dice - a real fight over the weekend, but as I type she's been snoozing for over 2 hours in her swing.

This means I've been able to do a few crafts in preparation for the wedding shower I'm giving mid August. I can't share photos or give anything away yet, but the invitations are in the mail, and I have pink paint in my hair (which clashes with my red shirt, but didn't seem pressing enough to actually address). I spent a lot of time last night working with my Cricut, and hauled TC to Joann's this morning only to find they didn't carry the "watermelon" Krylon spraypaint I needed (gotta head back to Michael's I guess). Photos to come, eventually :)

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