Sunday, July 24, 2011

Because I'm the mom, that's why...

Like everything else in my life right now, it is clearly going to take me longer to accomplish 30 days of fun. While it would be nice to say I have some element of fun every day, I seem to have hit a patch to the I'm declaring a do over.

30 Days of Fun: XI (take II)

Went to see the final Harry Potter tonight! I didn't get it (he had to die, but then he's alive?), but it was still fun to go out. And to have a dear friend volunteer to babysit, so I didn't worry about The Cupcake at all. And I drank a big old Coke, and didn't worry about the caffeine, seeing as I'm done pumping.

Lack of worry = fun...hmmm, sensing a pattern here...

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