Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun Frock

30 Days of Fun - take II

Today I'm going to my sweet cousin's wedding (she of the State Fair Bridal Shower fame) and while there are sure to be all kinds of fun abounding, I'm really looking forward to wearing my new dress:

(Edit: Photo added - this is after I melted in 100 degree heat index all afternoon, but the dress still looks fun)

It is all kinds of win - a size smaller than I wore pre-pregnancy and a slimming sillhouette, clearance bargain of $25 (@ Dress Barn, who knew?), vintagey feel with the full twirly skirt, and it even has POCKETS!!! WHOO HOOO!

I'm pretty sure it will be puked on immediately, but it still makes me happy. And I can wear it with some simple brown sandals and still navigate the outdoor reception and juggling The Cupcake.

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